Monday September 6, 2010 11:23

PR Unranked

Posted by Sakoo as Google, SEO

I was playing around with Link Diagnosis tool, pretty decent piece of software, if you ask me (thanks to Wiep). Anyway, I was running some checks on my own sites and those of my direct competitors. Everythink looked well, got some pretty useful intel but just after 12:00 (GMT+1) the tool wasn’t returning any PR. Weird, I thought I might have turned the PR discovery option off so I run it again, same results, PR not found. Opened my browser and was surfing around a bit when it struck me, all website’s PR in my toolbar turned grey. Even, whis normally is PR10 was displaying as unranked. Call me crazy but I think google is finally updating the toolbar PR. Any others seeing changes?


From FAQ of Link Diagnosis:

Page Rank (PR) isn’t appearing on the site?Make sure that you have the PR setting selected to ON. If the PR setting is set to “off” Page Rank will not appear. Keep in mind that Google doesn’t always display PageRank. Remember too that running reports back to back also gets you temporarily blocked from Google’s PageRank service.

Mistery solved, not an update, just temporary block from google :-)

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