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Wednesday December 2, 2009 22:41

Monetizing your Twitter

Posted by Sakoo as Social Media

Twitter is totally HOT! Every online marketer is using twitter, every "make money online" blogger is using twitter, even celebrities use them. How do people make money using Twitter? Well, there are few services that bring advertisers and twitters...

Tuesday December 1, 2009 14:23

Do Automated Twitter Follower Programs Actually Work?

Posted by Sakoo as Social Media

When you have a business online, the number of people that follow your business is a huge deal. This a different paradigm than having an offline business. When you have an offline business you can have a customer come into the store, purchase an item, and...

Monday November 30, 2009 21:22

Using Twitter to Build a Brand

Posted by Sakoo as Social Media

In business the hardest thing to do is to gain the trust of new customers. There is simply not enough time in the day for the average business to build a one on one relationship with their customer base. There are just too many people to deal with. To...

Thursday November 26, 2009 16:11

7 Steps to make profit with Social Media

Posted by Sakoo as Social Media

The main purpose of social media is to recruiting fresh members, staying on policy and raising funds. There are many things that you have to do with your social media. In the article given below, I have mentioned some of the best tips through which you...

Thursday November 26, 2009 16:07

Making It Happen with Social Media Optimization

Posted by Sakoo as Social Media

All of us know the power of the Search Engine Optimization and how it is raising the sites rankings and providing the traffic to our sites and how it is developing our business. But nowadays one more technology is introduced in this web technology that is...